Survival Kit – Why Everyone Needs One

survival kit

The Individual Survival Kit I carry my survival kit every day. In an ideal world, TEOTWAWKI would occur early on a Saturday afternoon after a large meal while the family is together watching television. We would be at our retreat, have a year’s [Read More]

Practical First Aid

Practical First Aid

Develop Your Practical First Aid Skills Take action NOW! to learn practical first aid survival skills. Accidents and injuries happen every day and learning practical first aid is easier than ever. It may even save a life. It can help you build the [Read More]

TEOTWAWKI A Bad Effing Day


It’s The End Of The World As We Know It…And I Feel Fine! When I was a teenager, TEOTWAWKI could be brought on by something as simple as a bad hair day…These days it’s more likely that I might forget to set my alarm on a school night. I’m rushing to [Read More]

Bug Out Bag: Getting Started

First Step: The Bug Out Bag My Bug Out Bag (BOB) is my go to survival resource. Surviving disasters such as an earthquake in California may depend on a well stocked Bug Out Bag. When a quake strikes, you don't have a lot of time to react. [Read More]