Bugging In to Ride it Out!

Bugging In

Aaron is an avid prepper living in a small town in the mountain west. When he is not busy perfecting his prepping strategy, he works at his day job as a nuclear engineer. Start Slow and Build Momentum Having a plan for bugging in is not a [Read More]

Preppers Really Aren’t That Crazy


Those Crazy Preppers... Most of us have seen or heard of the Doomsday Preppers show on cable TV. ***That's NOT us!*** Unfortunately, that is how much of the world sees the entire community of preppers. We are all lumped in with people that seem a [Read More]

Electrical Power Off the Grid


Nolan is an aviation electrician by trade and a friend of Survival Tactics NOW! who lives in a fortified compound near the Canadian border. Generating Electrical Power for Survival Electrical power is often overlooked as a survival resource. But [Read More]