About Survival Tactics NOW!

garnet peakSurvival Tactics NOW!


Survival Tactics NOW! came into being following a conversation between Greg B., and his father-in-law on a trip home for the holidays.   While talking about recent natural disasters, the discussion turned to being prepared for situations when it might be necessary to Get Out Of Dodge (GOOD)Greg B. was explaining the basics of building a Bug-Out-Bag, land navigation, patrolling and route planning.  His father-in-law said, “you really need to teach people what you know.” 


Our goal is to provide current, practical advice to practice survival tactics. We keep it real! We keep it simple! 

We provide personalized instruction, so that you will have confidence in basic survival scenarios. We provide high quality, scenario-driven training to hone and develop your skills in the art of self-reliance and personal and home security and defense.  We teach beginners and experienced outdoorsman alike.  We will get you ready to face the most difficult situations.  

Your need for survival tactics is not a matter of IF, but WHEN.


Prepper” and “survivalist” sites are a dime a dozen.  Anyone can give advice on how to store some rice, beans and bottled water.  How will YOU survive the first 72 hours?  How will you survive long-term?  Too many people think they are ready to take on the world after watching the latest episode of their favorite survival show on cable television.   We provide answers to the “What-ifs” of YOUR “What-ifs”.  We provide comprehensive Crisis Action Plans (CAPs) to get you through the early hours and beyond the aftermath of…well, whatever.  We will teach you how to avoid common mistakes and oversights. We teach you how to avoid creating a disaster within a disaster.

Our mission is to make sure YOU’RE ready! We want you to execute your personalized plan capably and confidently.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.  You need to take action NOW, because there is NO OTHER WAY!