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Greg B. is the president of Survival Tactics NOW! providing professional consultation in survival planning and emergency preparedness. He is an ardent outdoorsman and wilderness survival enthusiast.

Ammo for Survival


Survival Ammo Supply Having a good stockpile of the right ammo on hand is essential to a well thought out survival strategy. I am always amused when I hear “gun nuts” talking about their numerous rifles chambered in rare and exotic calibers. Bottom [Read More]

30-Day Supply Basics

First Things First Building a 30-day supply of preps can be overwhelming for most people. I suggest a basic approach to survive a crisis. If modern conveniences and technology were suddenly unavailable, a month of preps could be invaluable. Since [Read More]

Financial Prepping

Financial Prepping

Getting Your Ducks in a Row Financial prepping is a topic that is overlooked by many. Financial security can be the difference between success and failure when the SHTF. Many ardent preppers forget that it’s not just about the beans and bullets. [Read More]

Crisis Action Plan for Survival

crisis action plan

Step 2: The Crisis Action Plan A Crisis Action Plan (CAP) is a detailed survival plan of action. It's how you respond individually, as a family, or group when the SHTF. You may have accumulated a garage full of stuff trying to get prepared. Included [Read More]

OPSEC: A Survival Imperative


Prepper’s First Line of Defense - OPSEC Operational Security, also known as OPSEC, is one of the most important concepts to understand when prepping for TEOTWAWKI. The last thing you need during a survival scenario is to have “zombies” at your [Read More]