Ammo for Survival


Survival Ammo Supply Having a good stockpile of the right ammo on hand is essential to a well thought out survival strategy. I am always amused when I hear “gun nuts” talking about their numerous rifles chambered in rare and exotic calibers. Bottom [Read More]

Long Haul Food Storage

long haul

Storing Food for the Long Haul You’ve finally met your short-term food storage survival goal; you have a 30-day supply! Now it’s time you get busy storing food for the long haul. Foods for long-term storage are different than what you might choose [Read More]

30-Day Supply Basics

First Things First Building a 30-day supply of preps can be overwhelming for most people. I suggest a basic approach to survive a crisis. If modern conveniences and technology were suddenly unavailable, a month of preps could be invaluable. Since [Read More]

Canning Your Way to Survival


JUST CAN IT! Canning is just part of my approach to the preservation of, and preparation for the family. Back in the day, a not so polite way of saying "Be Quiet!" or "Knock It Off!" was to say: "Just Can It, will ya?" Now, with a few more decades [Read More]

Comfortable Survival: It Matters

Comfortable Survival

Is it Possible to Achieve Comfortable Survival? Comfortable survival may sound like an oxymoron. It's not so crazy three days into a grid down scenario. If you find yourself forced from your home or retreat, is it ludicrous to have a [Read More]