Government Collapse Survival Tactics

Prepping for Government Collapse

A government collapse can be sparked by a single or multiple concurrent events which may include foreign invasion or military coups, militias intent on overthrowing the current government, or economic collapse. Regardless of the initial cause, this is a particularly dangerous scenario and should be carefully monitored. A government collapse, once realized could set off a chain of events that may compromise your physical, economic, and emotional security. Be careful that you continue to operate under a strict code of ethics and morality.  Observe laws of the land to the maximum extent possible, unless to do so would result in an immediate threat to your life or personal safety.

Observation and Communications

Maintaining a high level of situational awareness is critical in the event of government collapse. Information may be hard to come by but can be accomplished through various means. Information Assurance (IA) is going to be difficult at best. Most of us will not possess encryption capability and will be communicating “in the open” making all of your communications susceptible to interception by “bad guys.” Passive observation is the safest and most secure method to assess the situation. Use a means of communication that is not dependent on connection to the power grid such as:

  • HF Radio transmitter/receivers
  • Satellite communications devices
  • AM/FM radio
  • “Police/Emergency” scanners
  • Two-way radios or “walkie-talkies”

Maintain a Low Profile

In the event of government collapse, operational security (OPSEC) should be carefully maintained. The last thing you want to do in an already highly unstable situation is to become a target. If you are perceived to be a “threat” by those acting against the lawful government, you will almost certainly be targeted for disarmament, detention, or termination. Remember, your first obligation to is to stay alive and protect your family and your property. The best way to achieve this is to get to your retreat or some other safe haven as quickly as possible.

Defending Life, Property and Individual liberty

In some cases, a government collapse may be so catastrophic that entire regions may become “war zones” or plunge into anarchy. It is a difficult personal decision to know when there is no alternative but to defend your life, property or basic rights. Knowing and understanding your constitutional rights is an obligation of all citizens. Each person must decide for him/herself when and how to act in self-defense. It is extremely important to maintain strict adherence to moral and ethical standards of conduct.

Getting Out Of Dodge

If you are like most Americans, you don’t live at your retreat. Getting Out Of Dodge may be difficult at best, especially if you reside in or around major population centers. Be prepared by keeping valid forms of personal identification, important documents and Bug Out Bags (BOBs) readily accessible. Having a reserve of fuel, basic food and water, and reliable transportation is a must. Freedom of movement may be restricted, so staying away from lines of drift while transiting to your retreat is advisable. Always comply with legitimate law enforcement and military officials operating within their legal authority.