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My name is Greg B. and I want to thank you for visiting my Survival Tactics NOW! website. As a former U. S. Navy SEAL and retired officer of the U.S. Navy’s Civil Engineer Corps, my background and military experience have provided me with a broad skill set that uniquely qualifies me to provide expert advice in survival planning, emergency preparedness, self-reliance and outdoor living.

I possess over 20 years of military experience. I am a veteran of Operation Enduring Freedom and have completed numerous military deployments in and out of combat zones. My areas of expertise include:

  • Operational Planning
  • Defensive Combat Operations
  • Land Warfare and Small Unit Tactics
  • Small Arms Expertise
  • Contingency Engineering and Military Construction
  • Counter-Terrorism and Force Protection
  • Convoy Security & Logistics

I received my first consult in 1998 to partner with a photojournalist in his effort to retrace and photograph the evolution of the Lewis & Clark Trail from the Pacific coast to Saint Louis nearly 200 years after the original expedition. The three-month long expedition included 10 days on horseback across the panhandle of Idaho’s Bitterroot Mountains, and nearly 30 days canoeing the “Wild and Scenic” Missouri River across the entire state of Montana.

My formal education includes, a Bachelors degree in Civil Engineering (University of Kansas) with three years of Spanish Language and Latin American Area studies, a Masters degree in Ocean Engineering (Texas A&M University).

I consider myself a dedicated family man. My idea of fun involves backcountry hiking and camping with my wife and kids, playing the guitar, or a day on the shooting range with my family. I love spending 2-3 hours browsing for gear and equipment at my favorite outdoor store; however, my wife finds creative ways to avoid those trips! I have an unmatched passion for the outdoors and for leading and teaching others to not just know, but understand the need for survival planning and preparedness.

For more information or to schedule a consultation, please contact Greg B. here.