Home Security and Defense

home security defenseGood Home Security and Defense Posture

Home security and defense posture is vital to defending your home, family, and personal property and can be accomplished with a few simple steps. Even if you live on a budget (like I do), you can take steps to drastically improve your home security and defense strategy. Your first line of defense is situation awareness. By keeping a watchful eye and your “ear-to-the-ground” you can increase your chances of being alerted to potential threats.

Active vs. Passive Home Security and Defense

Security measures can be either Active or Passive. Passive security measures are often less expensive, can be put in place relatively easily and don’t usually require the manpower of active security measures. Keep the following examples of active and passive measures in mind when planning your home security and defense strategy.

Passive Security Measures

  • Natural terrain – Cliffs, lakes, rivers, streams, vegetation
  • Man-made Obstacles – Walls, fences, trenches, moats
  • Mechanical Devices – Locks, alarms or other intruder activated signaling d
    evices, tripwires, animal traps

Active Security Measures

  • Guard dogs
  • Security Cameras
  • Security Patrols
  • Listening Posts/Observation Posts (LP/OP)

OPSEC as a Security Measure

One of the best home security and defense measures in survival scenarios is to maintain tight Operational security (OPSEC); in other words, keep a “low profile.” The last thing you want when the SHTF, is to paint a target on your back. In a grid down scenario, a noisy generator and lights on in your house at night indicate that you have resources. Another bad example of bad OPSEC is boasting of your level of preparedness to your neighbors or displaying your survival weapons cache. People who lack resources will be looking for an easy target or a handout.

Deterrence Security Measures

Deterrents such as well trained guard dogs will deter a significant number of “bad guys” from targeting your home or retreat. In survival scenarios, the bad guys understand that even minor injuries can turn deadly due to the possible lack of medical supplies or availability of treatment options.

When no other options exist and a threat is imminent, strong displays of potential “fire power” and striking first are going to make “Zombies” think twice about trying to approach your stronghold. Remember that posturing will only remain effective so long as aggressors believe that you have the will and intent to follow through with direct violence of action if provoked.