Personal Crisis Preparedness

personal crisisPreparing for Personal Crisis

While the rest of the world may be going about its merry way, there are times when you will likely face a personal crisis. Being prepared for an emergency and having a deep larder can go a long way to minimize the impact of long term unemployment, loss of personal financial assets, or other personal crisis in which the rest of the population remains unaffected.  Survival Tactics NOW teaches that preparedness is not just for TEOTWAWKI, but for the times in which your immediate family unit is forced into survival mode.

The Dreaded “Pink Slip”

Even the most hard working, dependable employees may find themselves unemployed at some point.  We live in uncertain economic times and Americans’ addiction to debt puts many in a precarious position. Regardless of how one becomes unemployed, Survival Tactics NOW! teaches principles of preparedness that can help you survive unexpected job loss due to injury/illness, disability, or as a result of tough economic times where lay-offs may become prevalent.

Imagine you suddenly find yourself out of work. If you have food and water stored up in preparation for an emergency, you have significantly reduced your financial burden, for a time. Keep in mind, your survival priorities remain the same regardless of the situation. Having adequate food and water storage will ease the burden and help hold you over until you can find a full-time gig that will get you back on your feet.

Other Personal Crises

There are a myriad of challenges one may encounter that amount to a personal crisis; the death of a spouse or child, divorce, or the unexpected need to care for a family member with special needs. Whatever the situation, knowing that you have the basic necessities of life readily accessible, provides a sense of relief that will help you focus on overcoming the challenges of a personal crisis.

A Note on Financial Preparedness

Most of us received some sort of financial planning instruction during our secondary education; however, it focused mainly on balancing a “check book” or “budget” and focused on building “good” credit scores. The problem with this is that we have all been brainwashed into thinking that living debt free is a pipe dream!

The good news is that it is possible to break the cycle of debt bondage and actually live debt free.  The bad news is that it takes a lot of hard work, determination, and sacrifice.  Creditors will stop at almost nothing to recover unpaid debt, which is why Survival Tactics NOW subscribes to the practice of living on a zero balance, cash based budget to guard against indebtedness that may put your assets (anything of value) at risk.