Security and Defense for Survival

security and defenseBasic Security and Defense Strategy

Security and defense is a broad topic that includes passive and active security strategies and the weapons that can be employed to defend your home, family, personal property or to train and maintain a local militia or civil defense organization.

Basic Considerations

The basic home (Retreat) security and defense plan should consider at a minimum, improved structural components, alarms and camera systems, sufficient lighting, safes and/or vaults, and natural and manmade obstacles.

Three basic considerations are:

  1. Active and Passive Home (Retreat) Security and Defense Measures
  2. Guns, Ammo and Other Tactical Survival Tools and Equipment
  3. Self Defense for Survival

Bug Out

No home security and defense plan is complete without a plan for “Bugging Out” or an “Escape and Evasion” (E&E) plan.  Every person should have a Bug Out Bag (BOB) and know when to leave, where to regroup, and how to communicate at a minimum. Self-Defense is vitally important to long term survival. If you want to have a bullet-proof security and defense plan, contact us for more information.