Survival Rifle: Ruger 10/22 Tops List

Ruger 10/22: Best All-Around Survival RifleSurvival Rifle

Everyone needs a survival rifle. The best survival weapon you possess is your brain. Your knowledge combined with well-honed skills will keep you alive longer than any piece of gear. Survival Tactics NOW’s pick for best all-around survival rifle is the Ruger 10/22.

The 10/22 is a “Meat” Gun

The Ruger 10/22 is a top survival rifle for hunting game. The 10/22 is capable of killing small to medium sized game at ranges of 150 yards effectively. This will almost guarantee that you can put food on the table reliably. Even in more inhospitable environments, there is a lot of small game primed for your stew pot.

Cost Effective

10/22s are readily available and relatively inexpensive. Rugers are easy to operate, clean, and maintain. They are great out-of-the-box survival rifles and come stock with a 10 round rotary magazine. Higher capacity magazines can be purchased aftermarket at very reasonable prices. In spite of price increases and reduced availability over the past several years, the 22LR round is still about the cheapest ammunition you can purchase. This makes it easy to stock up for long-term survival situations.

Self Defense and Home Security

Your 10/22 survival rifle WILL provide a basic level of home security and defense. Some will argue that a 10/22 is not a self-defense weapon. In general, I agree. However, if I asked you to stand 50 – 100 yards away from my position and allow me to shoot you, I am betting that you would not only say no, but HELL NO! The statistics back this up, too. Numerous violent crimes and robberies have been stopped with weapons chambered in 22LR.

Almost Anyone Can Use It Effectively

To be effective, you have to practice! Putting rounds down range with accuracy and precision using a 10/22 should only take a little bit of practice to get where you need to be. Practice doesn’t always make perfect, but it gets you damn close. This survival rifle is, hands down, a best “first gun” for beginners.

Durable and Versatile Survival rifle

The Ruger is a very durable and versatile survival rifle. Stocks are available in wood, composite, or rubber (i.e. Hogue). Barrels vary in weight, length and finish (aluminum, blued, or other type of barrel coating or paint). The 10/22 survival rifle is easily upgraded with scopes, bi-pods, high capacity magazines, etc. This gun is built to last and requires very little maintenance.

The Bottom Line

The Ruger 10/22 is an easy pick to begin building your firearms collection. It leads the way in terms of cost, performance, durability, and dependability. If you can’t fund your entire arsenal in one fell swoop, this is the first survival rifle you should purchase.

No matter what your choice, remember that you should never own or handle a firearm without adequate training. There’s no such thing as an accidental shooting. Negligence and complacency are the true culprits of unintended firearms deaths.

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About the Author

Greg B. is the president of Survival Tactics NOW! providing professional consultation in survival planning and emergency preparedness. He is an ardent outdoorsman and wilderness survival enthusiast.


  1. Aaron B says:

    I agree the 10/22 is a great starter weapon. You can get one for about $250. The simplistic action doesn’t need to be cleaned that much. I have one that has continued to fire great and be accurate even though I don’t put much effort into cleaning it. I would caution people who get a 10/22 to get metal feed lips on any extra magazines as this will help ensure the bullets continue to feed.

    Although I like my 10/22, I think a 22LR in a bolt action rivals them for a first rifle for prepers (although a 10/22 is a must have eventually). The bolt action requires a little more thought about shot placement rather than just pulling the trigger a bunch and being happy that one of ten hit where you want.

  2. Charlie Johnson says:

    Greg, You are absolutely correct. The 10-22 or for that matter any of the 10-22 or 77-22 Ruger semi or bolt action will bring down even medium sized game such as White Tailed Deer. The poachers in our area and possible yours will use a 10-22 with a light. Deadly at 50 yards. One point you didn’t mention was that the Ruger Series of 10-22s or 77-22’s are considered a natural point of aim weapon. When I was teaching if the student had a 10-22 I knew that teaching him or her sight picture, breath and squeeze that they would hit their target at 25 yards. This gave them the confidence to know they could hit the target at 50 or 100 yards. My daughter is getting one for her b’day. Take care.

    • Thanks, Charlie! That’s a great point about skill building…you get the fundamentals down on one of those rifles, you should be able to transition smoothly to an AR15 or even larger caliber, high powered rifles!