Survival Planning

survival planningSurvival Planning Strategy

Survival planning or “prepping” is on the rise and has been gaining mainstream popularity over the past several years. People choose to prep for many reasons from the aftermath of a natural disaster or “grid-down” scenario to a government or economic collapse. Whatever your reason, it is important for everyone from the “Average Joe” to the “G. I. Joe” to be prepared when faced with a crisis. Survival Tactics NOW! has listed the planning process in eight easy to follow steps to begin putting a sound survival strategy in place.

Survival Planning NOW!

  1. Build Bug-Out-Bag (72-hour Kit) NOW!
  2. Develop a Detailed Crisis Action Plan
  3. Store 30-days of Water & Food
  4. Take Appropriate Security and Defense Measures
  5. Build a Deep Larder
  6. Become Self-Reliant
  7. Take a Deep Breath
  8. Remain Vigilant

The Lists

Good survival planning requires you to separate your “wants” from your NEEDs. This is essential to successfully prepare for TEOTWAWKI. If you were locked in your house for 30 days straight, do you have EVERYTHING you would NEED to survive? How do you know what you need? Where do you start?

  • Identify your basic needs and write them down
  • Take inventory of (food & water storage, prescription drugs & medical supplies, tools, equipment, weapons, ammo etc.) you have on hand
  • Organize your lists around the eight-steps of Survival Planning NOW! and the Survival Essentials

A well rounded strategy will increase your odds of survival. Keep in mind, you can live on beans and rice for a very, very long time; however, your survival attitude will be impacted at some point. The point here is not to put all your eggs in one basket. For example there are people who believe that if they have enough guns and ammo, they will be able to defend, hunt or loot their way through a crisis. Eventually you will run out of ammunition (it’s not a renewable resource), not to mention the ethical and moral consequences associated with this single-minded strategy.

Train for Survival

J.W. Rawles states, “survival isn’t about stuff. It’s about skills.” Being well equipped is virtually useless without a robust plan and adequate training. There is no reason to be unprepared or ill-prepared with the plethora of resources available to the general public at your fingertips. Don’t wait to create a detailed survival plan that is based upon sound strategy. Do it right. Do it NOW! There really is No Other Way!