Survival Self Defense

Survival Self DefenseProtecting Your Life, Family & Property – Survival Self Defense

Survival Self Defense must account for both legal and ethical considerations balanced with your desire to protect yourself, family and property. In the aftermath of a natural disaster or other SHTF scenario, it is likely that criminal elements will be present in some form. Your ability to survive in a given situation will depend on your survival self defense paradigm. It is the opinion of Survival Tactics NOW! that all people have the inherent right to survival self defense.

Martial Arts

Use of the term “martial arts” is somewhat misunderstood and misused with respect to survival self defense.  Martial arts, by definition are simply, “codified systems and traditions of combat practices,” meaning that they are the fighting systems used by professional warriors. In the modern sense, the term has come to be heavily associated with unarmed (or limited to use of primitive weapons) fighting systems with roots in east-Asia. For this reason, I prefer to use the the term combat fighting in-place of martial arts.

Armed Self Defense

The difference between armed self defense and combat fighting techniques is the use of weapons in self defense for survival. Weapons that can be used in self defense range from sticks and clubs to high powered assault rifles. Survival Tactics NOW! recommends attaining the best training available in both armed and unarmed self defense techniques. You never know what you may face, so it is imperative that you obtain as much training as practicable.

Legal Ramifications

State and local governments all have their own legal code, rules, and regulations that impact your ability to possess, own, or use certain firearms, ammunition, and other weapons.  Each State also treats the right to self defense individually; for example, in one state you may have the right to use deadly force to prevent theft of property, while in another state, use of deadly force may be strictly limited to preventing serious bodily harm or death. Some statutes may be so restrictive as to limit your right to self defense and use of weapons to defend your life to your own property.

Ethical Considerations

Survival self defense is a personal decision about how far you are willing to go in your effort to defend life, family and property in a survival situation. This decision must be made in advance of any potential survival scenario. It should be well thought out, taking into account your personal ethical and moral values. If you have not considered your stance on the use of deadly force prior to a survival situation, you are not prepared to survive.