Practical First Aid

Practical First AidDevelop Your Practical First Aid Skills

Take action NOW! to learn practical first aid survival skills. Accidents and injuries happen every day and learning practical first aid is easier than ever. It may even save a life. It can help you build the confidence you need to take swift action in the event of an emergency.

Responding in a Crisis

No doubt everyone remembers the Boston Marathon terrorist attack. What about the more recent earthquakes in central California or mudslides in the Pacific Northwest? Not to mention the accidents that have occurred at homes or in vehicles in the short time it’s taken me to type these few paragraphs. Trained individuals are needed in all of these examples. They all highlight the importance of practical first aid skill building. Do you have the knowledge and skills to help someone who is choking, stopped breathing, or has moderate to severe bleeding? If not, you should!

Where to Begin

The most traditional method to gain practical first aid skills is to sign up for a resident first aid course. These traditional hands-on courses are by far the best way to develop practical first aid skills. However, as technology evolves, so does the way in which we teach and learn. Along with websites that include first aid advice and videos, there are inexpensive online pay site courses as well. Hell, these days, there are even Smartphone apps we can use. Building basic knowledge and skills couldn’t be easier, so what are you waiting for?

Get Trained NOW!

Don’t wait to start building your confidence with some hands-on experience. Sign up for a weekend first-aid or CPR course provided by your local Red Cross, YMCA, church or fire department. If you’re an avid outdoorsman, consider taking it to the next level by attending the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS). NOLS provides a 16-hour Wilderness First Aid course, at locations throughout the country (try your local REI retail outlet). NOLS courses include advanced topics that other programs don’t cover such as reduction of dislocations and administration of epinephrine.

Online Training Options

If resident training is not a good fit right now, there are plenty of other resources to start building your practical first aid skills. Try starting your skill building with a self-paced online resource like the one offered at The Red Cross has arguably the most popular courses across the country. The Red Cross provides Family First Aid and CPR courses for around $30.

Why You Should Listen to Me

I am a former Paramedic, Search and Rescue Medical Technician and emergency medicine instructor. I was a first responder following a traumatic terrorist attack in a combat zone. So you might say I’ve experienced, first-hand, the importance of practical first aid knowledge and how it can save lives. Whether you’re dealing with a simple bee sting or treating traumatic combat injuries, you never know when a solid foundation of practical first aid will be needed. Take action NOW! and build your confidence with practical first aid skills; it’s that easy!

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