TEOTWAWKI A Bad Effing Day

It’s The End Of The World As We Know It…And I Feel Fine!

TEOTWAWKIWhen I was a teenager, TEOTWAWKI could be brought on by something as simple as a bad hair day…These days it’s more likely that I might forget to set my alarm on a school night. I’m rushing to get four kids out of bed, dressed, fed, and lunches made.  The kids are edgy and fighting over the bathroom mirror. I am yelling “Hurry up!” just to get out the door.  All this and a warning from a friendly police officer for driving a little too fast used to make me feel like it was the end of the world…

TEOTWAWKI – A Ticking Time Bomb

What if your day started with a massive tornado in the middle of the night (or some other disaster). You might wake up with no power, no way to make breakfast.  Cell phones won’t work.  The gas stations will be swarming with people. You may have to fight for the last few drops of petrol…if you can even drive down the road to get there.  Grocery stores are probably destroyed or cleaned out. It may only be a matter of hours before “Zombies” come out and your town descends into chaos…it’s TEOTWAWKI!

Adding Insult to Injury

Take the average modern family and remove:

  • Facebook
  • Smart phones
  • Real Housewives
  • Microwaves
  • Starbucks/tobacco/alcohol/Xanax/etc.

And throw into the mix:

  • Starving/whining children
  • Lack of shelter, water, fire, food
  • Inability to provide, protect, or comfort your family

…you’ll have a recipe for a crisis within a crisis. It’s like being plunged into an episode of “Walking Dead” and there’s no Daryl to bail you out! You’ll suddenly realize, in an instant, that it’s the end of the world, as YOU know it.

The SHTF and You’re in the Flight Path

Natural disasters, grid down scenarios, government or economic collapse, or major personal crises are all events that might bring about TEOTWAWKI. It shouldn’t take the “Zombie Apocalypse” to come to the realization that you may end up facing the EOTW tomorrow. There will be a lot of crazy, mean people, when a major disaster strikes. Don’t be in the flight path when the SHTF! I cannot stress it enough. Start prepping now so that when a really bad day comes along, you will be ready to take the world, as you now know it, head on!

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About the Author

Andrea B. is the Vice President of Survival Tactics NOW! and is passionate about educating others in the art of self- reliance. She loves family, fitness, and challenging herself by learning new and interesting survival tactics!