Prepping Starts NOW!

Greg B

Prepping: It's not a Matter of IF, but WHEN If you are anything like me, your family is your most valued treasure.  I would protect them at ANY cost…and that's why I started prepping! Imagine for a minute that your city has lost all basic [Read More]

Cotton Ball Tinder


Reliable Tinder for Starting Fires Having reliable tinder is one of the most difficult elements of starting a fire besides initiating a spark or flame. It is essential to start building your fire to a sustainable level.  One of my favorite homemade [Read More]

Survival Machetes for My BOB

survival machete

Gerber Bear Grylls Parang or Cold Steel Kukri survival machetes When it comes to edged weapons and tools, a lightweight survival machete is my top pick for Bug Out Bags.  The question you should ask when choosing a blade is: “What blade will serve [Read More]