30-Day Supply Basics

First Things First Building a 30-day supply of preps can be overwhelming for most people. I suggest a basic approach to survive a crisis. If modern conveniences and technology were suddenly unavailable, a month of preps could be invaluable. Since [Read More]

Sighting In a Rifle

Gene is the Survival Tactics NOW! gunsmith and an avid marksman. Sighting In Your AR15 Survival Rifle – The Easy Way Imagine you have just returned home with a brand new AR15. You’ve been waiting over a year for firearms prices to normalize, and [Read More]

Prepping for Life

andrea b

I Started Prepping! Until fairly recently, I believed I was well trained in camping and outdoor "survival" skills.  During the summers my family camped all up and down the east coast as a child.  As a teenager, I spent one week every summer at a [Read More]

Survival Machetes for My BOB

survival machete

Gerber Bear Grylls Parang or Cold Steel Kukri survival machetes When it comes to edged weapons and tools, a lightweight survival machete is my top pick for Bug Out Bags.  The question you should ask when choosing a blade is: “What blade will serve [Read More]